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The dance on the middle ground—embracing all of life and not letting any one aspect take over. Nothing in excess or in too small a quantity—alone and together, active and resting—balance in many areas of life. This balance is easy to talk about but difficult to walk.


arctic hare

Arctic hare - Ukaleq - in its white winter coat —Adam Lyberth

The strength of the Eskimo society is that a child grows up with incredible love— from parents and grandparents, from cousins, aunties and uncles.

Traditional people have lived incredibly successfully without modern society for countless generations based on that love of family—on the balance of life from the very first breath to the very last breath.

—Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

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The book is available in English and in German.
See also the four-language version -- English, Greenlandic, Danish, German

Table of Contents

(Items in brown are included in the pdf file in the above link)

A Welcome - by Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq 2

Foreword - by Ningijoq Jane English 2

Life is a Ceremony 8

An Invitation 9

About The Ceremony Cards 10

The Card Ceremonies 12

Talk to Your Heart Card Ceremony 14

Sweetgrass Card Ceremony 15

Soar Like an Eagle Card Ceremony 17

Altar Card Ceremony 20

Lodge Card Ceremony - layout 22

Lodge Card Ceremony 23

Mirror Card Ceremony - layout 36

Mirror Card Ceremony 37

About the Image Cards 38

The Image Cards 39

About the Word Cards 48

Text for the Word Cards 49

“But this is not scientific! Or is it?” 87 - (see a more in-depth pdf file)

“Tuttu” and The Reverend 89

Index of Word Cards 92

Resources 93

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Fall colors and melting ice - Greenland —photo by Adam Lyberth