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Dreams are so important, especially the big dreams that seem to come from a deep and true place and often give guidance. There is a lot of work to “make living” the wisdom that comes in these dreams. We see in dreams worlds things we cannot imagine, then knowing these new possibilities we can do better here in our waking world. Dreams are such a mystery.

—from the word card

glacier ice and river

Ice arch where the glacier meets the river of melting water from the Big Ice —Jane English

Every time you talk to your heart she will always speak back. Now is the time for you and I to learn to listen to our heart.

—Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq

The image cards allow the land of Kalaallit Nunaat to speak directly to you, wordlessly. Intentionally, there are no descriptions in words of the “meaning” of these images. Go beyond words and let whatever they evoke in you be their meaning.

These are not “picture postcard” views nor do they cover all aspects of Greenland. Most were made near Kangerlussuaq, a small town inland from Greenland’s west coast, at the eastern end of a long fjord, near the edge of the Big Ice. A few were made near Maniitsoq on the west coast, and near Ittoqoortoormiit on the east coast.

The little numbers in the lower right corner of the image cards have no particular significance other than to connect them with brief captions contained in the book

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(see also the art posters of some of the photographs)

The Photographers

Adam Lyberth (photos 1-37) is a relative of Angaangaq’s and lived in Kangerlussuaq, home to the airport that is most travelers’ first stop in Greenland. Adam made many of his photographs while working as a tourist guide. He took people to the Big Ice and to see the caribou and musk ox, as well as the northern lights. In many ways his guided tours are conducted like ceremonies. He now lives in Maniitsoq and is an IceWisdom Elder.

Jane English (photos 38-63) has for over forty years illustrated numerous books and calendars. Her photographs on the cards were made between 2009 and 2012 during four trips to Greenland—two in summer and two in winter.

Members of Angaangaq’s Heart Spirits Circle, Maya Dolder (photo 64), Monika Bronner-Hirschler (photos 65-69), and Esther Burbach (photo 70) made theirs while in Greenland in 2009 for the Sacred Fire Ceremony and in 2011 for the Shamanic Spiritual Walk.

The polar bear photos (71-72) were made near Ittoqoortoormiit by Steve Berthelsen, another of Angaangaq’s relatives.

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Arctic cotton - Greenland —photo by Jane English